Check out the updated ICAP ETS Briefs with latest data and policy developments

The ICAP Secretariat has updated its eight ETS Briefs to reflect the many new jurisdictions adopting cap-and-trade programs, the latest available data, and innovations in approaches to offsetting, revenue allocation, and more.

The ETS Briefs provide a comprehensive look at the core concepts and mechanisms of emissions trading. With their simple format, straightforward language, and easy to read graphs and figures, the briefs are useful for everyone from students to policymakers.

The latest brief compares ETSs and carbon taxes, coming at a time when many governments are considering carbon pricing and weighing the merits of the two market-based approaches.

The eight briefs include:

  • #1 What is Emissions Trading
  • #2 Seven Arguments for Emissions Trading
  • #3 Emissions Trading at a Glance
  • #4 Linking ETS
  • #5 Emissions Trading Revenue
  • #6 How Emissions Permits are Distributed
  • #7 Flexibility in Emissions Trading
  • #8 Emissions Trading and Carbon tax

All briefs are available for download here and are also available in Spanish, French, Russian, Korean, and Chinese by setting the ICAP website to the respective language using the drop-down menu in the right-hand corner of the home page.