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OUT NOW – New ICAP Status Report 2024 presents the latest developments in emissions trading systems worldwide

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The ICAP Secretariat is pleased to announce the launch of “Emissions Trading Worldwide: ICAP Status Report 2024”.   

This year’s ICAP Emissions Trading Worldwide Status Report finds a growing number of systems are under development or consideration, including in Argentina, Brazil, India, Türkiye and Vietnam, among others. Developed economies such as Canada and the European Union are also looking to create new systems to expand carbon pricing to new sectors in a bid to drive down emissions. 

This year’s report also includes, for the first time, an overview of key trends around the world. Another important resource available in the report is the detailed information on all ETSs provided in a comprehensive set of factsheets. These are accompanied by infographics that highlight and make visually accessible the key figures and trends that emerge from systems around the world. 

To view and download the full report please click here

We are also pleased to announce that our podcast will debut next week on our website. Stay tuned for our first episode, where we delve into discussions surrounding emissions trading and more.