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ICAP Launches New Podcast "Carbon Market Conversations"

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The International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) has unveiled its latest knowledge-sharing initiative: "Carbon Market Conversations: A Podcast by ICAP." This podcast promises to be a vital resource for those interested in gaining insights into emissions trading and carbon pricing.

Hosted by Trevor Laroche-Theune, Carbon Markets Expert at ICAP, each episode of "Carbon Market Conversations" will feature engaging discussions with climate experts and practitioners. The podcast aims to shed light on the latest developments in emissions trading and carbon pricing, providing valuable perspectives for both newcomers to the conversation and seasoned practitioners in the field.

The recently released debut episode sets the stage for what listeners can expect from the series. Laroche-Theune sits down with Stefano De Clara, ICAP's Head of Secretariat, to explore the state of play and direction of travel for compliance carbon markets worldwide. The episode takes a global tour of significant developments in regions experiencing high activity, including Europe & Central Asia, North America, Latin America & the Caribbean, and the Asia Pacific.

Highlighted in the inaugural episode are statistics from the latest edition of ICAP’s ETS Status Report, revealing the impact of emissions trading systems globally. With 36 systems in force covering nearly ten gigatonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions, these systems have raised over $300 billion since 2007. Moreover, approximately one-third of the global population lives under an ETS, with jurisdictions representing 58% of the global GDP utilizing emissions trading systems to reduce CO2 emissions.

Looking ahead, "Carbon Market Conversations" is set to release a series of 6-8 episodes this year, each delving into pertinent carbon pricing topics and featuring interviews with experts and practitioners. Whether examining the most current ETS challenges or taking a deep dive into specific jurisdictions and regional nuances, the podcast aims to facilitate informed discussions driving positive change for our climate.

To join the conversation, listeners can tune in to "Carbon Market Conversations" on the podcast platforms linked below or on our website.