Recordings available for ICAPs two Status Report 2021 Launch Webinars from 24 and 31 March.

ICAP hosted two public webinars to celebrate the launch of the 8th annual Status Report on emissions trading worldwide and explore its findings.

The COVID-19 pandemic and climate change are the global crises of our time. Emissions trading systems, a cornerstone of climate policy in many jurisdictions around the world, have shown high resilience to external shocks and proven a key tool for climate action on the road to net zero.

Against this backdrop, ICAP launched its Emissions Trading Worldwide Status Report on 23 March  2021. The report takes a comprehensive view of ETSs in force, under development, and under consideration around the world, along with policy insights and infographics on key figures.

The two public webinars were timed to accommodate the global reach of the ETS community. Representatives of ETS jurisdictions shared the latest developments and future prospects from their systems. Each webinar featured a closer look at the key takeaways of the 2021 Status Report from the ICAP Secretariat and a Q&A session.

The recordings for both webinars are available here:

In this webinar, representatives from the European Commission, Germany, Nova Scotia, and Colombia delivered policy updates from their jurisdictions.

In this webinar, representatives from France, the United Kingdom, China’s SinoCarbon Innovation & Investment, and Indonesia delivered policy updates from their jurisdictions.