On June 18, 2013 ICAP updated its interactive ETS map. This picture shows a world map of the status of emissions trading worldwide.

ICAP’s Interactive ETS Map was last updated on June 18 2013. 

New information and revised information has been added to the database for various systems including: Australia, California, the European Union, Kazakhstan, RGGI, Switzerland, Shenzhen, Turkey.

The unique Interactive ETS Map follows the latest developments in jurisdictions that have implemented or are considering the development of carbon markets through cap-and-trade systems at various levels of government.

The map currently covers 30 jurisdictions, including 10 with an ETS in force, 7 where implementation of an ETS is scheduled and 13 where an ETS is under consideration.

The Interactive ETS Map provides three viewing options for information on key ETS design elements:
•  A general overview of ETS worldwide
•  A comprehensive presentation of key design elements per scheme (Detailed ETS Profile)
•  A personalized comparison of design features of up to three ETS 

The map will be updated by the ICAP Secretariat on a regular basis as new information becomes available.