We are pleased to inform you that the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) has published “A Guide to Linking Emissions Trading Systems” !

The Guide has been launched at the Carbon Pricing Delivering Climate Ambition, a Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) affiliate event at 3pm on 11 September in San Francisco. 

With 20 systems in operation worldwide, emissions trading is starting to operate on a global scale. Linking systems drives down mitigation costs levels the playing field as companies now face one single carbon price. Cooperating with other jurisdictions can also help countries meet their Nationally Determined Contributions, as well as set more ambitious targets in line with a 2-degree pathway.

The new ICAP Linking Guide provides policymakers with step-by-step guidance throughout the whole process of linking. Distilling practical experience with linking to date, the guide details the achievable advantages of linking and details ways to avoid possible pitfalls. Pathways to implementing a linked market and strategies to align different system designs are also covered, as well as stakeholder perspectives, the linking agreement and management of the linked market.

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