On 15 February, ICAP will publish its 2017 Status Report and hold a launch webinar discussing the latest ETS developments. The 2017 Status Report aims to take stock of the evolution and spread of emissions trading systems in operation and under consideration around the world. The Report combines up-to-date, detailed factsheets of each system with infographics that illustrate broad trends across the different systems. The fourth edition of this report also includes articles from policymakers, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the latest developments in emissions trading. Emerging economies are a major focus this year, with an in-depth look at how China and Mexico are laying the groundwork for a future national ETS. More broadly, Asia continues to be a hotspot for ETS, with Korea reporting on its first two years of operation and Tokyo continuing to demonstrate how megacities can harness emissions trading to decouple emissions from growth. The impact of reforming the EU ETS on the allowance price is also examined. Finally, the ability of market mechanisms to foster voluntary cooperation and help countries achieve their Nationally Determined Contributions to achieve the promises of the Paris Agreement is also covered in this year's Report.

Join the emissions trading discussion with ICAP, which will hold two 45-minute webinars picking up on some of the major topics covered in this year's Report. The Secretariat will be joined by ETS policymakers from around the world to discuss the latest developments in their system and the next steps for emissions trading.

  • 15 February at 10am EST (New York) (3pm GMT, London) 
    • Damien Meadows, European Commission
    • Lois New, New York Office of Climate Change
    • Representative from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
    • Meng Bingzhan, SinoCarbon Innovation & Investment Co. Ltd.
    • Marissa Santikarn, ICAP Secretariat

  • 21 February at 5pm PST (San Francisco) (22 February 9am CST, Beijing)
    • Rajinder Sahota, California Air Resources Board
    • Chen Zhibin, SinoCarbon Innovation & Investment Co. Ltd.
    • Marissa Santikarn, ICAP Secretariat