2nd ICAP Advanced Course on Emissions Trading: On 28 August-7 September, ICAP convened a Masterclass on Emissions Trading in Lisbon, Portugal.

The International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) has convened masterclass for 30 participants with an in-depth understanding of, and/or practical experience with, emission trading systems in 
Lisbon, Portugal from 28 August - 7 September.

Building on ICAP’s regular program of Summer Schools and Training Courses, which offered an introduction to emissions trading, this eight day advanced course provided a more comprehensive and in-depth look at the key issues pertaining to advanced ETS design. Targeted at participants with significant knowledge and first-hand experience of ETS, it covered topics related to best practice implementation and new developments in the field. Class structure relied heavily on discussion and knowledge sharing, to bring in participants’ individual expertise and experience. The advanced course has been structured around intensive group work and discussion as well as parallel breakout sessions, allowing ample time for networking.