LINKING ETS IN FOCUS: ICAP Members have adopted an ambitious Work Program for the partnership for 2014-2015.

Linking ETS, including questions of ETS design compatibility, governance of linking and possible alternatives to full-fledged linkages between systems, will be the overarching theme for the technical dialog among ICAP Members. The Work Program also foresees a further strengthening of ICAP’s activities in the area of capacity-building and information-sharing on ETS, with the continuation of the successful ICAP Training Courses, possibly complemented by an ‘ICAP masterclass’, an advanced training for policy-makers involved in the design of an ETS. ICAP will equally continue sharing up-to-date information on ETS developments worldwide through the ICAP Interactive ETS map, and produce further products such as  a follow-up edition to the first ICAP ETS Status Report in the beginning of 2015.