ICAP builds capacity for emissions trading

Since 2009, ICAP has held courses on emissions trading for developing countries and emerging economies. The ICAP courses provide an intensive ten day to two week long introduction to all aspects of the design and implementation of emissions trading systems (ETS) as a tool to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. 

Topics include:
  • Data collection and inventory generation
  • Allocation methods
  • Offset mechanisms
  • Scope and coverage of a trading scheme
  • Adequate monitoring, reporting and verification
  • Registry design and implementation.
  • Stakeholders engagement
  • Competitiveness concerns
  • Impacts on and responses from covered entities
  • Market analysis and drivers
  • Opportunities offered by creating a global carbon market of linked domestic and regional systems

For each course, between 25 and 30 highly qualified policymakers as well as stakeholders from the non-governmental, academic and private sectors are selected.
Teaching faculty consists of experienced decision makers from the relevant administrative authorities in ICAP member jurisdictions, as well as practitioners and representatives from established educational and research institutions active in the area of emissions trading and climate policy, market analysts and industry representatives.

Call for Application - ICAP Online Seminar on Emissions Trading in Southeast Asia from 22 to 26 March 2021

From 22 to 26 March 2021, ICAP in cooperation with the Asia Society Policy Institute will convene an online seminar, focusing on Southeast Asian countries. The Seminar will introduce participants from Southeast Asia to the basic concepts and key elements of emissions trading and is designed to be interactive and engaging. Drawing on examples and experiences from existing systems, the Seminar will explain the main design choices for setting up an ETS and convey solutions for their implementation.

The ICAP online Seminar is implemented on behalf of ICAP by the Ecologic Institute, ICF International and get2C in cooperation with the Asia Society Policy Institute. It is funded by the European Commission.

More detailed information on the seminar, its contents, speakers and application requirements are provided in the document below.

Are you interested to become one of up to 30 selected participants? Then apply here!