In cooperation with partner jurisdictions and organizations, ICAP is hosting a number of side events on carbon markets during the first week of COP25 from 3-6 December 2019.

Carbon pricing and the power sector – opportunities to accelerate decarbonisation 

Tuesday 3 December, 13:00-14:30, UK Pavilion

This event will bridge policy and market perspectives, discussing how power sector regulations and carbon pricing mechanisms interact and can be aligned to ensure a cost-effective decarbonization of the power sector. A key focus will be keeping these efforts in line with the Paris Agreement while safeguarding the reliability and affordability of electricity systems in transition.

Speakers: Luca Lo Re (IEA), Hugh Salway (BEIS, UK), Yongsik Choi (Korea), Marta Martinez (Iberdrola), Ana Quelhas (EDP). Moderated by William Acworth (ICAP Secretariat).


Meeting NDCs through carbon pricing: state of play and updates from key jurisdictions

Wednesday 4 December, 12:30-14:00, EU Pavilion, Brussels Room

This event will present the latest developments on carbon pricing worldwide. Policymakers and experts from existing and emerging systems will present case studies on and lessons from the development and implementation of ETS and discuss their potential to scale up the ambition of NDCs moving forward.

Speakers: Beatriz Yordi (European Commission), Venkata Ramana (World Bank), Lisa DeMarco (DeMarco Allan), Dirk Weinreich (Germany), Dirk Forrister (IETA). Moderated by Constanze Haug (ICAP Secretariat)


Road to carbon pricing in emerging economies: issues and challenges

Thursday 5 December, 15:00-16:30, UNFCCC official side event, Room 1

Carbon pricing can put emerging economies on track to cost effectively reduce emissions. This event will present the latest developments on carbon pricing in emerging economies, aspects of policy choice between ETSs and carbon taxes, the design options available to address competitiveness concerns, and will discuss how to create domestic support for carbon pricing.

Speakers: Yutsil Sangines Sayavedra (Mexico), Mandy Rambharos (South Africa), Emerson Resende (Green Climate Fund), George Marshall (Climate Outreach). Moderated by William Acworth  (ICAP Secretariat)

Carbon pricing, competitiveness, and deep decarbonisation

Friday 6 December, 11:30-13:00, Benelux Pavilion

GHG neutrality will require steep emissions reductions from industries that are difficult to decarbonize and compete internationally. This session will discuss the appropriateness of existing leakage mitigation provisions and the potential of innovative policy solutions that can be combined with carbon pricing to set course for deep decarbonization.

Speakers: William Acworth (ICAP Secretariat), Helen Mountford (CPLC), Éric Théroux (Québec), Royal DSM (Speaker TBD), Philippe Wen (France)