ICAP MEETING: The 2018 ICAP annual meeting was held in New York City, NY (USA) on 24-26 September 2018.
Policymakers from a wide range of ICAP jurisdictions, ICAP co-chairs and members of the ICAP Secretariat convened in New York City in September, kindly hosted by the New York State Government.

The meeting brought together different jurisdictions to discuss the latest developments in emissions trading, including upcoming cap-and-trade programs in Mexico, as well as the state of play in New Zealand. Two technical workshops were held on emissions trading and companion policy interactions, as well as linking emissions trading systems (ETS). The meeting agenda also included an update on ICAP's capacity building activities, including an upcoming advanced course on emissions trading in China. In addition, discussions on ICAP activities, including the recently launched Guide to Linking, were also held at the meeting.