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ICAP Online ETS Academy 2021

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From 16 August to 10 September 2021, the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) convened its first ICAP Online ETS Academy, implemented by the Ecologic Institute, ICF International and get2C in cooperation with the Asia Society Policy Institute, and funded by the European Commission.

The academy was the first ICAP summer school to go fully virtual, giving participants from all corners of the world the opportunity to deepen their understanding of ETS design and implementation. 79 participants from 35 countries and spanning four continents were selected to attend the academy, representing a diverse range of professional backgrounds, including policymakers and public officials, private sector actors, academics and civil society representatives.

The academy consisted of four modules (ETS Basics, ETS Implementation, Policy and Politics of ETS, and Global and Regional Action), with each module taking one week. The modules were designed as self-contained learning units, focusing on different aspects of ETS design and implementation, and progressing from basic to advanced levels. Across the modules, the academy featured hands-on simulations, practical experiences, and engaging interactive group exercises.

The lineup of speakers and moderators included policymakers from ICAP member jurisdictions (representatives from the European Commission, Germany, the Netherlands, Québec, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative), international ETS experts (Ecologic Institute, EDF, ERCST, Get2C, IEA, SinoCarbon, Vivid Economics, Worldbank), and leading ETS academics (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

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