ICAP MEETING: The 2016 ICAP annual meeting was held in Burlington, Vermont (USA) on 12-14 October 2016.

Policymakers from a wide range of ICAP jurisdictions, ICAP co-chairs and members of the ICAP Secretariat convened in Burlington in October, kindly hosted by the Vermont Government.

The meeting brought together different jurisdictions to discuss the latest developments in emissions trading, including upcoming cap-and-trade programs in China and the province of Ontario, as well as the state of play in the EU ETS and California.

Members and observers also had time to discuss ICAP's recent and future activities in terms of capacity building via the biannual ICAP training courses in emissions trading. The partnership's ETS knowledge sharing activities, including such products as the annual ICAP Status Report on Emissions Trading and the ETS Briefs, were also considered at the meeting. During the technical workshops, participants had a chance to exchange views on 
long-term carbon pricing, as well as share their experiences with ETS simplification and linking.