Twenty six jurisdictions endorsed a joint statement and celebrated ICAP's 10-year Anniversary in Lisbon.

On 1 September 2017, high-level government officials from 26 national and subnational governments, including among others EU Member States, Mexico, the Republic of Korea, California and Tokyo, endorsed a joint statement pledging to strengthen action on climate change through renewed cooperation on carbon markets. The statement sends a clear signal that cities, states and provinces around the world are ready and able to work with national governments to provide climate leadership.

The statement culminated a three-day meeting of key climate policymakers in Lisbon, convened by the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) as part of its ten year anniversary event, co-hosted by the Portuguese Ministry of Environment.

ICAP was founded in 2007 by national and subnational government leaders to exchange knowledge and experiences on emissions trading systems (ETSs) as a key tool in the fight against climate change. Since then, ICAP has grown to include 35 Member and Observer governments from four continents and has established itself as the key actor and knowledge hub on emissions trading worldwide.

The success of the conference underlines the broad agreement among policymakers, civil society, and business leaders on the need for urgent action to transition to a low-carbon economy. Carbon pricing policy, such as ETS, has proven to be a feasible approach to reducing emissions at the lowest cost. Those governments that already operate an ETS, as well as those still in the planning stage, highly value ICAP for the key role it plays in facilitating and promoting this market-based instrument.