ICAP convenes its 17th Training Course on Emissions Trading in Bangkok from 25 April to 4 May 2017.

On this occasion, 28 participants from countries such as China, India, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam were selected. Teaching faculty consists of experienced decision makers from ICAP member jurisdictions and international ETS experts.

With a focus on the Asian Region, the ICAP Training Course addresses a range of issues faced in the design of emissions trading systems (ETS), taking into account the specific needs and interests of developing countries. Covered issues include:

·         Data collection and inventory generation

·         Setting the cap

·         Defining scope and coverage of a trading scheme

·         Allocation methods

·         Ensuring compliance through adequate monitoring, reporting, verification and enforcement

·         Registry design and implementation

Additionally, the course explores important steps in the implementation of an emissions trading system, again with consideration given to specific needs and interests of developing countries.